April 24, 2018

How Important is the Groom to the Photographer?

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a girl’s life and most of the attention and glamour is drawn to the bride. Her beautiful dress, the extravagant limousine, a lace embroidered veil, colourful flowers and the harmony of music playing as her shining knight waits to stand by her side …. all contribute to her fairy-tale story.

Dressed in his black tuxedo, he patiently awaits his bride-to-be without bringing attention to himself.

To us, as photographers, the Groom is just as important as the Bride.  When capturing the wedding, one of our photographers is dedicated to the Groom to the same extend than to the Bride.


So many times you will find that there is only a photographer with the Bride. Much too often little or nothing is dedicated to the groom ….

From the time he starts to get dressed, up until the stage they get together as a couple, we will pay attention to his moments of getting ready up to the final hour where he is awaiting his bride.

Just some interesting facts on why a husband is called a groom. Have you ever wondered where this word originates from? Back in the old days in old English guma meant a male servant, young man or lad.

Bride comes from the Old English word bryd. Together both words formed Brydgum (Bridegroom), which was referred to a suitor looking for a wife.

Eventually people began substituting the more familiar “groom” for the by-now obsolete “guma,” and “brydguma” became “bridegroom.”

This post is dedicated to the groom ….







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