April 24, 2018

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is the pictorial documentary and celebration of the ceremonial union of two lovers that includes activities leading up to, during, and after the wedding. It is capturing moments that tell a story, convey emotions, and build long lasting memories.

Like other forms of photography, wedding photography has various interpretations and styles that reflect the artist as well as the subject’s personality and identity. It may be traditional and conservative, or modern and carefree. It often reflects the intended mood of the occasion.  A deeply religious and traditional couple would want photographs that portray their values.  The beauty of minimalistic imagery that conveys the commitment of faith and spirit without unnecessary frills is very powerful.  Like an Ansel Adams black and white, its simplicity is its core expression.   A flamboyant couple on the other hand may thirst for a gala event and a fairytale ball – tradition in its most glorious fashion.  A contemporary couple may have no thought of any traditions and desire photography that represents their own unique vision of the experience and what it means to them.

Traditional wedding photography began in its earliest days with the couple posing either just before or just after the ceremony in a studio, and later evolved to include the actual ceremony, as well as traditional poses at the reception.

Photojournalistic wedding photography is a style that focuses more on a documentary telling of events with candid and un-posed images. Contemporary wedding photography describes a style that is not traditional and captures the feeling and emotion of the experience that can be instantly recalled at a glance when it may otherwise be forgotten. This is not accomplished by the taking of stoic posture, but by recording spontaneous enjoyment of the festivities. Advances in technology has enabled more artistic rendering by the photographer regardless of the styles.

In many cases the lines of the various wedding photography styles become blurred and mixed depending on the wishes of the couple. Most photographers can adapt to the wishes and desires of their clients as long as it is within their skill set. Contemporary wedding photography typically includes as required:

  • Indoor photography at the ceremony and reception
  • Outdoor photography for the ceremony and reception and /or engagement
  • Posed and candid for every phase
  • Studio portraiture
  • Digital prints or multi- media presentations
  • Albums

The services and product are commonly offered in a package deal, but there is no set standard of services or products that is defined and adhered to universally in the industry, so it varies greatly. Proofs are usually provided either digitally or by way of film as prints, thumbnail pictures printed on pages, or images on a CD/DVD. The proofs may be included in the overall price, or asked to be returned, or given the option to keep them at an additional cost.

Professional wedding photography should unite the artistic expression of the photographer, what defines who the couple is and their values, the type of venue and atmosphere, and the wishes of the couple. If this is fully discussed in detail as much as possible before the event and agreed upon, it will all fall together in a perfect marriage without any buyer remorse or failed expectations after the fact. If the photographer truly is an experienced professional, he or she will welcome such discussion and be very up front about what reasonable expectations can be fulfilled. Everything that is agreed upon should be in writing as part of the contract. This serves all parties best interest. Wedding photography is an art to professionals and is their passion and joy.  The clients satisfaction is what makes the art complete.