April 24, 2018

Wedding Photography Tips: Tips for Hiring a Photographer

Referrals And Recommendations

Word of mouth is a great way to find a reputable photographer, but you should still check them out for yourself.  Friends, family, co-workers, and online sources are all good resource aids, but you need to feel comfortable with your final choice and not rely solely on the word of others.

Face To Face

It is always preferable to check out prospective photographers face to face in their studio or office. It gives you a chance to see their equipment, how they work, and a sense of how well you will get along with the person and “click”.  How well you relate to this person is just as important as their skills and services.

Ask The Right Questions

Of all the wedding photography tips, I think this is the most important. To get the right information, you must ask the right questions. Don’t be afraid to ask about their background and experience. How many weddings have they shot, how long have they been doing it. How many hours do they typically put into a job … not only on the day of the wedding but also afterwards on the editing side. Beyond the portfolio they volunteer to show you, ask to see a complete shoot including out-takes and several albums. This will give you a sense of their style, skills, and how much variety is shown in their work.

Know Your Budget and What You Are Getting

The price of package deals can vary so greatly from one photographer to another, it is important to know exactly what you are getting for your money. Does it include everything you might take for granted? What are extras you might be charged for? Are there incidental expenses not included?

Make A List Of What You Want

Create a list of all the most important shots that you want and the types of shots: formal, traditional, candid, poses, family portraits, locations, and review it with the photographer. Ask how many hours he would need to accomplish what you want.

Read The Contract

Read the fine print!  Do you understand all the terms stated? What are the terms for deposits and payments? What happens if the photographer is late, or doesn’t show up?  What does it say about cancellations?

Arrival Dates

Ask beforehand how long it will take for you to get the final product.  Get specific dates if possible in writing. Have a predetermined schedule to receive everything from proofs to prints or portraits.

Has the photographer ever shot a wedding at your ceremony or reception site? If yes, ask to see photos taken of the sites. This will give you a preview of what you may expect. It may give you some new ideas as well as seeing if you like the photographers work.


Book your date with the photographer as far in advance as possible, and check back to confirm as the date draws closer.

The wedding photography tips that you should be most concerned with are to be well prepared, ask plenty of questions, determine what you like and what you want and communicate this to the photographer. It may seem a daunting task, but it only requires common sense and diligence.  Master this task at hand now, and years from now you will be explaining wedding photography tips to couples you know and cherish.