April 24, 2018

“With this Ring I Thee Wed … ” – the history of the wedding ring


Ancient belief has it that the wedding ring originated from early Egypt. Sedges, rushes and reeds were twisted and braided into rings and bracelets. These rings, of course, did not last very long and was, over time, replaced by rings made of bone, ivory or leather. Still later it was replaced by metal rings.

First metal that was used was iron, and it symbolized the strength of a man’s love for his wife. The biggest problem with these iron rings were rust and they had to be replaced. I think this will be applicable to unfortunately so many weddings today as the initial strength of the man’s love gets rusty and ends in divorce.

The circle of the ring symbolizes eternal, never ending, love and the hole in the middle the step through the circle to a new life with your husband or wife.

Although different fingers were used in the past the Egyptians believed that the vein in the third finger on the left hand came directly from the heart. The Greeks called it “vena amoris” which means “the vein of love.”








  1. Marinda Snyman says:

    The way you capture these special moments is absolutely amazing! The intricate detail you capture is for all to see – even if you have not attended the actual event – and that is awesome! Well done Francois!

    • FCS says:

      Thank you for the comment. It is appreciated. This is about the only time that the bride gets the time to appreciate the detail … after the wedding. That is why we pay special attention to the detail.

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