April 24, 2018

Ever Wondered Why do We Throw Confetti at a Wedding?

The most joyous moment on a wedding surely is when the newlywed couple comes out of the church to be greeted by a colourful spread of shredded paper. This is an absolute highlight at any wedding!

Ever wondered where did this unusual custom originate?

Most of us do not know the reason behind this tradition. There is actually quite a deep reason to why people throw confetti to welcome the newlyweds.

The word “confetti” originated from the Italian word “confectionary”. When the Italians use the word “confetti,” they actually refer to sweets such as candied fruit or sugared almonds, which are usually handed out during special celebrations. Most Americans know these shreds of paper as confetti.

The Italians used to refer to paper confetti as “coriandoli”. During the war, sugar and paper were in short demand and they started using coated coriander seeds in stead.

The throwing of confetti to the couple is a very old custom and this has been done from ancient days. This tradition is to “bless” the couple so that they can be as fruitful as the grain thrown upon them.

Today confetti, flower petals or even herbs are used.  A recent innovation at weddings is to use natural petal or herb confetti as it is completely biodegradeable.

Whenever you throw confetti again, remember you are actually blessing the couple.


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