April 24, 2018

Audio Photo-Video’s

Make an Audio Photo-video of Your Wedding Photos:

  • Annemi’s mother watched the APV of her daughter’s wedding with tear-filled eyes.
  • “Wow! Wow! Wow! I did not expect this. I thought you’re gonna send me a slideshow of my wedding photos. This is art!” – Irene Snyman.

Living in the digital era I don’t think there is any better way than an Audio Photo-video to show off your wedding photos to your family and friends.

You can play it on your PC, Mac, iPad, TV and even cellphone. The Audio Photo-video is not too long (10 – 12 minutes) and will hold the attention of your audience. It gives them an overview of the best photos taken on your wedding day – normally from getting dressed, right through to the reception.

Make an Audio Photo-video of Your Wedding Photos

Any Audio Photo-video we release has to be perfect quality. The planning, organizing of the photos and using the appropriate transitions are some of the essential ingredients.

I think that, after watching the following Audio Photo-video’s as well, you will agree that this must be an essential and non-negotiable part of your wedding memories.

You Versus The Royals: How Do You Measure Up?

A lot, and I mean A LOT, has been written and blogged about the royal couple of Britain and their soon-to-be royal wedding.  There are so many fun facts surfacing that I thought it good to stack them up and let you do some measuring yourself!  All the best to Will & Kate (hopefully never plus 8),  and thanks to them for putting weddings into the collective international news spotlight!

Royal Wedding Facts

Ok, here we go – how do you fare against these fun facts?

  1. At 29 Kate is the oldest royal bride ever. Hello!?  What the royals deem as “oldest ever”, society applauds as sensible and mature.  No one wants to recite divorce statistics on a wedding site, but here it is – all studies shows that marriage after 30 has a much bigger chance of success than those that happen in the early 20’s. Statistics can, of course, be proven wrong. Me and René, my wife, got married in our early 20′s and we are still going strong! Would you have been the “oldest royal bride ever”, or did you dodge the bullet?
  2. Most of the people on the invite list have never met Will or Kate.
    1900 guests, and only a couple hundred that is known to the bride and groom!  Maybe they have invited all their Facebook friends.   How does your guest list compare? Do you know most of the people?  Definitely not a royal wedding then!
  3. Really famous people have been left off the list.  They claim it is for security reasons, but what bride wants to be upstaged on her wedding day anyway?  I think it is a very clever idea to invite important people, and not ones that would take the attention away from the bride and groom.  If you could, would Oprah be on your list?
  4. Will & Kate is the first royal couple ever with a pre-nup. As I said before, who wants to think of divorce at a special time like this?  I guess the very public breakups of Will’s father and uncle have finally unmasked the reality of modern marriage. It’s better to have an open dialog about expectations before the big day.  It’s much harder to be that objective when things go wrong.  What’s your position?  Hopeless romantic, or pre-nup savvy?
  5. Kate got her late Mother-in-law’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring
    There are always two parties to the argument, but I think it is absolutely great and special to have a family heirloom as part of the wedding ceremony.  Not everyone has access to such a great tradition, but it might just be worthwhile starting it!  Are you getting married with your mom’s (or mother-in-law’s) wedding ring?  Would you have liked to?
  6. Of the 1900 invited guests, only 600 are invited to stay for lunch.
    Now this I think is a clever idea.  There are always a lot of people that you just cannot afford to invite (taking catering costs into consideration), but how great is it to invite everyone you know to be at the ceremony and only those really close (and that you can afford) to the buffet afterwards!  If the royals can do it, so can we.  What do you think?

Whether you are above or below 30, have your mom’s ring or not, what the royal wedding teaches us is that everyone enjoys a good wedding!  It is truly one of the happiest days you will ever experience and we, as photographers, would like to experience this day with you.  Good luck to Will and Kate, and to the million other couples walking down the isle this year.  Enjoy the big day!


Wedding Dress Photography


Wedding Dress Photography:

This was quite interesting. I Googled ‘Wedding Dress Photography’ and couldn’t find a single article or blog entry on wedding dress photography. Nowhere is there any advice to be found for the bride-to-be on what to look for regarding the dress when she is looking at a photographer’s wedding portfolio. Neither is there any advice to the photographer on how to successfully photograph wedding dresses.

Everybody is climbing on the ‘trash the dress’ bandwagon but nobody is paying any attention to dress photography on the wedding day.

The wedding dress is normally one of the single most expensive items in the wedding budget. Hours and hours of research goes into finding the right dress with the finest detail that will compliment the bride. After that some more hours will be spent in finding the right designer followed by hours of fitting and worrying about on the edge deadlines and final adjustments.

Then comes the Big Day and the princess will be out there in her fairytale dress embroidered with the finest detail overwhelming the groom and the guests with her radiant beauty and the dress, oh, the dress is complimenting her finest detail and features.

The photographer is snapping away, the bride is posing and everybody is so excited about the end result – the album.

And then comes the pictures.

What do you see – a white dress with no detail whatsoever on most of the images. No sign of the detail that complimented the beautiful princess on her wedding day. Just white blobs. And then these photographers will remind you on their website and in their brochures that, after the wedding, only the photos are left to remind you of this wonderful day – and you cannot even appreciate the detail on that single, sometimes most expensive, item that you cherished so much.

A good photographer who knows how to handle exposure will show the detail on the dress – image after image after image. Non-negotiable.

I also find that some photographers will give you all the detail on your dress but then the background and surroundings is either over- or under-exposed. You are part of the surroundings and that is part of your wedding day. Therefore it is also important that not only the dress, but also the background, must be correctly exposed.

He or she will not only give you the detail on the dress.

And that is why it is so important, and I cannot stress that enough, to look at complete weddings when you meet up with a photographer and not just his or her best work. Ask them to show you one or two complete wedding albums. Only after you have seen that and you are happy with what you have seen, can you know for sure that this photographer knows what he is doing and will not let you down.


A Scene From The Wedding


Irene grew up in Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.  She wanted her wedding pictures to be taken on the beach. When they took me to the beach the day before their wedding, I asked them about people on the beach the following day, a Saturday. Their reply was that I should not worry as the main beach is a couple of kilometers away and it will be deserted.

Arriving the next day was a different story. The beach was crowded and I could not take any pictures there! Off to a deserted railroad station we went and got some stunning couple and entourage photos there.

I promised them that, if they were back on the beach early the next morning, all dressed up, hair done and a redo of the make-up, I would take some pictures. While I was waiting for them on the beach, the rain was pouring down. As they arrived, the rain stopped, and we could do the shoot. The moment we were done it started raining again!

The Setup

Beautiful clouds just after the rain, a beach with some artifacts, a stunning dress and, of course, a beautiful couple!  What more can one asks for.

The Shoot

We took several stunning pictures on the beach, including this one. For the photographers out there, here is the Metadata:

  • Lens: Nikkor VR 18 – 200mm.
  • Focal Length: 36mm.
  • AF-Area Mode: Dynamic.
  • VR: On.
  • Aperture: F5.6.
  • Shutter Speed: 1/600s.
  • Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority.
  • Exposure: -1/3.
  • Metering: Matrix.
  • ISO: 100.
  • Flash: SB900, TTL-BL, Exposure Comp.: 0.
  • Image Data: Color Mode II (Adobe RGB), Captured with low contrast and contrast dramatically increased in pp.