April 24, 2018

Oceanside Beachside Wedding

Always be ready for the unexpected!  What was meant to be a walk on the Oceanside pier, a popular tourist attraction in San Diego, CA, turned into a brilliant photo opportunity.

Down on the beach we spotted this pirate themed wedding ceremony.  All guests were dressed like pirates and the “priest”  like a monk – so authentic, that it could have been real pirates and a real monk complete with a swash  buckler best man.

This made me think  that weddings are so often too much of a serious event and that having a themed wedding can be so much fun.

Thanks to Francois’ amazing eye for spectacular composition, he succeeded to identify and capture these amazing diagonal lines from a distance! Looking at the image, you can feel the mood and character almost as if you were part of the celebration.


  1. queen of lion says:

    Decadent Celebration

    Dear F.

    What a spectactular photo opportunity! I heard about this but my imagination falls short of this amazing moment captured.

    To me this captures a celebration of all that is good, fearless, natural, decadent beauty…

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