April 24, 2018

Are You Interested in Having an Eco Friendly Wedding?

In a time where the awareness of Eco Friendly and Organic products is on almost everyone’s lips, I came across this very interesting article under “Top Blogs” in the “Getmarried” First-Ever Celebrity Issue.

The blog by Stuart Brazell, a well known journalist, who attended the launch of the first ever Eco Bridal Salon in Los Angeles.  Stuart shared a couple of the different organic and eco friendly products that is available at this Salon.

To view the post on YouTube go to the following link: www.getmarried.com/wedding-blog/2010/10/08/any-brides-interested-in-having-an-eco-friendly-wedding/

What an amazing idea.  To quote one of the brides’ point of view: “You choose an Eco Friendly wedding because your wedding day exposes who you are and what you believe in.”

So, let’s go out there and take the environment in consideration when planning the big day!



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