April 24, 2018

How Important is the Groom to the Photographer?

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a girl’s life and most of the attention and glamour is drawn to the bride. Her beautiful dress, the extravagant limousine, a lace embroidered veil, colourful flowers and the harmony of music playing as her shining knight waits to stand by her side …. all contribute to her fairy-tale story.

Dressed in his black tuxedo, he patiently awaits his bride-to-be without bringing attention to himself.

To us, as photographers, the Groom is just as important as the Bride.  When capturing the wedding, one of our photographers is dedicated to the Groom to the same extend than to the Bride.


So many times you will find that there is only a photographer with the Bride. Much too often little or nothing is dedicated to the groom ….

From the time he starts to get dressed, up until the stage they get together as a couple, we will pay attention to his moments of getting ready up to the final hour where he is awaiting his bride.

Just some interesting facts on why a husband is called a groom. Have you ever wondered where this word originates from? Back in the old days in old English guma meant a male servant, young man or lad.

Bride comes from the Old English word bryd. Together both words formed Brydgum (Bridegroom), which was referred to a suitor looking for a wife.

Eventually people began substituting the more familiar “groom” for the by-now obsolete “guma,” and “brydguma” became “bridegroom.”

This post is dedicated to the groom ….







Ever Wondered Why do We Throw Confetti at a Wedding?

The most joyous moment on a wedding surely is when the newlywed couple comes out of the church to be greeted by a colourful spread of shredded paper. This is an absolute highlight at any wedding!

Ever wondered where did this unusual custom originate?

Most of us do not know the reason behind this tradition. There is actually quite a deep reason to why people throw confetti to welcome the newlyweds.

The word “confetti” originated from the Italian word “confectionary”. When the Italians use the word “confetti,” they actually refer to sweets such as candied fruit or sugared almonds, which are usually handed out during special celebrations. Most Americans know these shreds of paper as confetti.

The Italians used to refer to paper confetti as “coriandoli”. During the war, sugar and paper were in short demand and they started using coated coriander seeds in stead.

The throwing of confetti to the couple is a very old custom and this has been done from ancient days. This tradition is to “bless” the couple so that they can be as fruitful as the grain thrown upon them.

Today confetti, flower petals or even herbs are used.  A recent innovation at weddings is to use natural petal or herb confetti as it is completely biodegradeable.

Whenever you throw confetti again, remember you are actually blessing the couple.


Information obtained from: http://www.stumblerz.com/why-do-we-throw-confetti-at-a-wedding/


Are You Interested in Having an Eco Friendly Wedding?

In a time where the awareness of Eco Friendly and Organic products is on almost everyone’s lips, I came across this very interesting article under “Top Blogs” in the “Getmarried” First-Ever Celebrity Issue.

The blog by Stuart Brazell, a well known journalist, who attended the launch of the first ever Eco Bridal Salon in Los Angeles.  Stuart shared a couple of the different organic and eco friendly products that is available at this Salon.

To view the post on YouTube go to the following link: www.getmarried.com/wedding-blog/2010/10/08/any-brides-interested-in-having-an-eco-friendly-wedding/

What an amazing idea.  To quote one of the brides’ point of view: “You choose an Eco Friendly wedding because your wedding day exposes who you are and what you believe in.”

So, let’s go out there and take the environment in consideration when planning the big day!



Don’t forget the Detail…

The detail photos are so often neglected during the wedding ceremony while this is the only means for the couple to nurture their memories afterwards.

The bride normally arrives at the ceremony after the guests have entered the reception hall.  At that stage she is so overwhelmed by everything that she doesn’t have the time to pay any attention to the detail that were so meticulously prepared and arranged.

We normally find that both the bride and groom are so impressed with the detail photos afterwards because they never noticed it on the wedding day.

It is therefore important for the couple to insist on seeing the photographer’s detail photos to ensure that he pays attention to, and that he knows how to capture it.

Oceanside Beachside Wedding

Always be ready for the unexpected!  What was meant to be a walk on the Oceanside pier, a popular tourist attraction in San Diego, CA, turned into a brilliant photo opportunity.

Down on the beach we spotted this pirate themed wedding ceremony.  All guests were dressed like pirates and the “priest”  like a monk – so authentic, that it could have been real pirates and a real monk complete with a swash  buckler best man.

This made me think  that weddings are so often too much of a serious event and that having a themed wedding can be so much fun.

Thanks to Francois’ amazing eye for spectacular composition, he succeeded to identify and capture these amazing diagonal lines from a distance! Looking at the image, you can feel the mood and character almost as if you were part of the celebration.